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There are many branches of mathematics. One of those is called Trigonometry, the study of angles. The history of trigonometry dates back to 150BC when the Greek mathematician Hipparchus was able to compile a trigonometric table using the sine for solving triangles.


Every triangle has three angles. How do we measure these angles? Today we measure angles with the help of scientific calculators that have an inbuilt trigonometry formula to help us. In ancient Egypt they weren't so lucky to have the answer by simply pushing a few buttons.

Trigonometric functions such as sine (sin), cosine (cos), and tangent (tan) are used in trigonometry calculations. Without the help of a scientific calculator, trigonometry math problems would not only be difficult to calculate but also very time consuming.


If we know that the angle of a right angle triangle is 90 degrees and all three angles of a triangle must add up to 180 degrees, then we only need to calculate one other angle of the triangle to know all three angles.

A right angled triangle contains a right angle with the longest side of the right angled triangle called the 'hypotenuse'. This long line is always opposite the right angle. The two other sides are the base and the height, these are called legs.

We use the rule of Pythagoras to find the unknown side of a right angled triangle. Pythagoras was the first to prove that a2 + b2 = c2 in all right angled triangles.

Applications of Trigonometry

Today, there are many applications that we use trigonometry and trigonometric functions in. Geographically we use these functions to measure distances on land, sea and in space. On land it helps people like mechanical engineers and land surveyors.

On the sea, trigonometry helps with the navigation of the boat as it does in space with satellite navigation and astrology. It has also been influential in electronics with computer graphics.

Medically we use these calculations in medical imaging through CAT scans and ultra sound, and in other medical fields such as pharmacy and chemistry.

Trigonometry is used in every day life in many different products, services and industries. Trigonometry is more common than most people realise. Here at Trigonometry our website allows interested users the ability to learn more, from trigonometry formulas, trigonometry calculators, trigonometry tutors or just a maths tutor. Browse through our service listings to find more information to match your needs.